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Are you a Founder?

Great family wealth starts with the decision of one person. The one person who decides that the nobility in the family will start with them. They will be the founder of their family’s future fortunes. They will start the empire. Are you that person in your family?

Are you the person with the means, but more importantly, the inspiration and foresight to change the financial course of generations from where you’re headed today? Are you dissatisfied with the status quo? Do you want to plant the acorn that will become the great oak tree that provides shade for generations to come? If you are, you are a founder.

Founders are visionaries who know that their family’s future can be many times better than the past. They know that with their desire, and the irrepressible power of compounding, they can create a family estate that will live on under their direction for many generations.

So, whether you are founding a family empire or preserving one,
the SWM Founders Club gives you the tools and techniques to create wealth,
preserve wealth, protect lifestyles and create a living legacy.

What Family Founders Do

  • They make the most of what they have – They invest wisely to deliver assets and income exactly when required without undue risk and worry

  • They protect their assets against the insurable threats that can diminish or even destroy them – unexpected illness or injury or premature death

  • They insulate themselves and their families from the liabilities they assume in life and business so no liability they create while alive will last longer than they do

  • They leverage financial tools and strategies to create enduring wealth for future generations and preserve the family name forever

  • They arrange their financial affairs to maximize their planning and their plans

  • They enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from a good plan, well executed